Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Every Little Helps Who?

Walmart – an American conglomerate which sucks the soul and life out of small towns in a manner akin to the dementors of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Without taking into account local markets, tastes or cultures, Walmart stripped these small towns bare for their individuality. For many years, our small country on the outskirts of Europe was safe from such a ruthless massacre. But now things have changed with Tesco’s implementation of plans to commit similar atrocities throughout Ireland.

Over the coming weeks Tesco are to introduce (and already have introduced) UK planograms to its Irish stores removing or reducing shelf space for Irish favourites such as Barry’s Tea, Lyons Tea, Gem Sugar and Chivers jam. Yes, you read correctly - the two tea brands who own the Irish tea market are to have little or no shelf space in Tesco stores.

Banishing Irish products from their shelves, Tesco are to force British tastes onto the Irish consumer. In Ireland, consumers are no longer to have a say in the products they wish to purchase in Tesco. Rather, Tesco are to suggest…nay, declare…what we are to purchase.

And what is the result of this on us? Not only are we being stripped of our right to be individuals. Not only are we being told what to want. Tesco is hurtling Ireland into a deeper state of Kek (see definition below). The number of jobs reliant on Irish jobs being sold in Tesco is insurmountable and these are to be wiped clean for Tesco’s gain. “Every little helps” is Tesco’s slogan, but all they’re helping to do is destroy Ireland’s future chances of recovery.

We can all appreciate Ireland, and everyone in her, is having a tough time right now. But that does not mean it is time to give up on her. It means that buying Irish is more important than ever. As consumers, it’s easy to forget the benefits of buying Irish when we’re presented with low prices. But we shouldn’t forget our ability to save our nation’s favourite brands and safeguard Ireland’s future.

By banishing Irish brands from our supermarkets, Tesco is preventing the manufacturers from growing and supporting our local communities with employment. The time to make a stand is now - we must join together and make sure that ‘Every little helps us’.

“Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.” – J.F.K.

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