Monday, November 30, 2009

The Lady isn't Gaga

In a recent article, Mika claimed the infamous Lady Gaga image of weirdness and bizarrity (yes, that's a new word for me too but I've now written it on the net which makes it a real word - just you wait - all the cool kids will be using it soon) was a mere fabrication by the Lady, herself. Now, this isn't much of a surprise to (m)any of us - its quite obvious that her entire image is purely part of a marketing strategy. And quite an impressive strategy is too and it has worked extremely well for her. Yet, what has always surprised me is how Lady Gaga's image has held up so robustly - you don't see her out shopping in her Sunday sweats, her past is still quite hazy and she always keeps you guessing - is she a he? Has she lady and man bits? Is she from another planet? Did she exist before last year? But the lack of answers to these questions just strengthens her outlandish image.

Lately various videos have been popping up on Youtube, that do show there is more to Lady Gaga than just this bizarre image - she is clearly a talented, bright individual. However, this recent interview on Ellen is my favourite - it really shows that there is a Lady behind those glasses. Her name is Stefani.

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